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This team is not intended for normal Robocode Team-games... This team is _supposed_ to play a football-like game... The "ball" is a fire(.1) bullet. When one team managed to hit the captain of the opposite team, their ScoreDroid? will fire a fire(3) bullet at the captain. A team has won when their opponent's captain is destroyed.

Instructions: Put two FootBallDemo teams in a 1000x500 Battlefield, set the inactivity time a bit higher (1000 or so...)

Droids do get stuck from time to time when the game is being setup... just stop and restart the 'battle'...

DON'T FORGET to enable the 'Allow Robots to change colours repeatedly' option in options-->preferences Otherwise, the bots won't change colours....

-- Dummy

Has anyone else observed a possible bug in Robocode exposed by the score droids? -- Kawigi

Not really, no. Though I'm looking for one now. -- Kuuran

Correction, I changed playing field size and found it. The scoredroid can teleport.. it'd be interesting to see a bot based on that strategy *laughs* -- Kuuran

Yeah, it appears that the left scoring droid can sort of Teleport. On closer analysis, it appears to be some kind of arithmetic problem, causing arbitrarily large coordinates to be assigned to the robot. I know it's not legit, but now I can beat SandboxDT and Cigaret, and I'm only extending Robot ;-) -- Kawigi

Hmm... I seem to have forgotten to report this bug to Mathew Nelson... oops. ;-) -- Dummy

It's interesting that I can't really reproduce this bug, and it doesn't make any logical sense how it could come about, that bothers me. Do you know what the condition that causes it is? -- Kuuran

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