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I just thought I'd put up this page for you (and probably eventually for some of the other members on the wiki) to mention that I love your innovation and interest in pushing the state of the art in Robocode development. Aspid is art - your take on pattern-matching by taking the best of several options is a great idea. And I think that NanoLauLectrik's gun has sparked as much discussion and as many derivative works as any one bot has on this wiki, including my FunkyChicken (although I do it all somewhat differently, your concepts are still in there). If you had thought up my 'perceptual bullet-dodging' trick, you might as well have the #2 nano on the ER still, and its certainly still one of the tough ones to beat. -- Kawigi

I have said it before. The way you have provided contents to this wiki and to the various fora around is amazing. Thanks! -- PEZ

RoboRumble@Home might be one of the greatest gift to Robocoders since Robocode itself! You are the man. -- PEZ

I have to agree. Good work Albert! Good luck with your new bot. -- Vuen

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