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A method of Targeting that involves extrapolating on the bearing difference between scans of an enemy robot.
This was Marshmallows first aiming method (even before HeadOnTargeting). Worked very well for a while. But utterly failed when my robot was moving. Anybody who has tried this method and got it to work also when on the move? -- PEZ

I think I have heard some ideas about that discussed in connection with NanoBots, perhaps someone also tried it.

If you work out the angle to your previous position it could work, similar to LaserTargeting.

This is also similar to the construct often used in NanoBots:

Work out the rest...

Many bots (like those with PerpendicularMovement) are affected by your movement.

-- tobe

It was a while since I wrote that question. You are entirely correct about the similarity to LaserTargeting. When I had implemented my statistics gun in Marshmallow I realised it contained the answer to this very problem. So yes, it definately works. Against some of the top 50 bots this gun is Marshmallow's best gun. It's a secret which bots =). Though against the majority of enemies it's a lousy gun. Without a VirtualGuns type of system it's not a very good gun to have. -- PEZ

Using AngularTargeting/Factored this is not such a lousy gun against the majority of bots any longer. For instance: pitch Gouldingi against SandboxMini, Duelist robots, MicroAspid or Lacrimas. =) -- PEZ

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