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What's new?

What's special about it?

It doesn't use VirtualBullets. It's a MiniBot. Which is special because I thought I'd never write one. As a MiniBot it doesn't use any UglyCode? tricks to shrink the codesize. I've decided to trade functionality for size instead. I think some of the mini-code experts could shrink the current Gouldingi to MicroBot size and maybe even NanoBot.

How competitive is it?

Where can I download it from?


How does it move?

Same RandomMovement as Tityus. Trying desperately to create a flat MovementProfile.

How does it fire?

How does it dodge bullets?

It doesn't.

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

This is strictly a OneOnOne bot.

What does it save between rounds and matches?

Between rounds it saves it's targeting factor. Between matches it saves nothing.

Where did you get the name?

It's a hard-to-catch piranha. (For anyone interested all my bots are named after scary creatures.)

Can I use your code?

That of an older version yes, provided your bot is provided with OpenSource as well: /Code. The current version needs the secrecy to keep competetive.

What's next for your robot?

A real gun.

What other robot(s) is it based on?

Mako Since I want Mako to be unrestricted size-wise I decided to make the mini attempt it's own bot. I also use Paul Evans' rolling averages function. Thank you Paul for sharing it! -- PEZ



Please ask questions about and/or comment Gouldingi

My 3-year old daughter asked me yesterday about what a Gouldingi really is. I often answer her questions by us Googling on the matter together. It was a surprise to write "gouldingi" in the google search field and watch the two topmost entries. =) I learnt that a Gouldingi isn't what I thought it was. It's a robot. A Java robot! =) Have anyone else tried ego-surfing on their bot names? Of course the results are not as surprisning with names like SandboxDT. =) -- PEZ

Similar things happen when I search for Kawigi on Google. What is a Kawigi? What does it mean? Well, it's a computer science student at BYU, a guy who plays the online game Utopia, writes Robocode robots, works as a Teaching Assistant for an entry-level programming class... And it's the Pangasinan word for "left". You'll find 'kawigi' meaning that twice if you search on Google. Of course, it won't be that obvious, as rare as the Pangasinan language is on the internet, people who speak it are rarer. Siak so kano ya mansalita na pangasinan! -- Kawigi

You are a true ego-surfer. =) Where do people speak Pangasinan? -- PEZ

Why, people speak Pangasinan in Pangasinan, of course! If you look at http://gov.pangasinan.com/theprovince/map.htm, Pangasinan is the primary language in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th districts. Now I suppose you're wondering where exactly that map is a map of (can't you tell? It's right between Zambales, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Benguet, and La Union!), a quick trip to the wikipedia ( http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pangasinan ) would help you figure that out (map on the right). -- Kawigi

Wow, I've finally gotten this name on top of a search engine, considering I use it everywhere it's about time. Makes me a little curious what it means in Finland (and in which language), though, the .fi domain contains just about every hit not on the wiki, the repository (a search for my name on the repository is indexed! :P), or a few other places I use the name. -- Kuuran

=) I can dig some and see if I can find out what Kuuran means in Finnish. Probably a search for almost every page name on the wiki is indexed. That is because of a powerful wiki feature. If you click on the linked page title (top left on all normal pages) you perform a full text search on that title. Quite useful at times. And since google's (and other search engines) spidering follow all links on a page the search is about the first they do (if they follow the links in "reading" sequence that is). -- PEZ

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