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As simple as Targeting gets - beyond HeadOnTargeting. Yet, surprisingly effective. It can be improved by: -- PEZ

The NanoLauLectrik-style pattern matcher pattern matchs basically this (distance is factored out, though). It seems a good alternative to averaging it. -- Kuuran

a simply segmented average offset gun seem like it would be really good for a nano bot. i think i'll try it. --andrew

In order to do this you need waves, yes? If you have waves already you may as well make a GF gun, surely. -- Tango

Yes, you need waves. And it's not a very good targeting method anyway. It looked good at first. But that turned out to be success with movement. -- PEZ

i'm doing it without waves. i'll post my bot if it works. --andrew

Without waves? The only ways I can see of doing this without waves is with either VirtualBullets or RealBullets?, the first being over complicated, and the second being too slow. I'm interested to see your idea... -- Tango

i have some weird idea forming in my head that might turn into somthing decent. it's part of my quest to create an original gun like mike did in mz.adept. --andrew

There are, of course, techniques like those used in ThnikkaBot and Nemo 2 using lateral velocity sums. -- Kawigi

I posted alot of stuff about using wave-free guns awhile back, including a lateral velocity method. Just search the wiki for this stuff, Tango. -- Kuuran

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