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DuelistNano was made in an attempt to put sophisticated movement into a NanoBot. It used the same basic movement algorithm as DuelistMini and DuelistMicro. Essentially it looks at a few hundred randomly selected points in a square centered on itself, and chooses the one that such that driving to it makes the bot drive in a direction closest to perpendicular to the enemy. There are several nice qualities to this movement. It never hits corners, and backs away from enemies when they get close, without needing any special code for these cases. However it is pretty predictable and has a tendency to get stuck in corners. DuelistNano made several sacrifices to fit this movement into a NanoBot, the most obvious one being that it has no radar lock or aim. Instead, it jiggles the gun back and forth across the enemy, thereby firing close to head-on and keeping the radar aimed at the enemy. --David Alves

Thanks, and this just goes to show that PromptingStatements work, heh.

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