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I am a 17 year old junior, who is currently addicted to trying to grasp Robocode.

I am homeschooled, and Robocode has helped me pick up trigonometry faster than I would have otherwise.

In addition to Java, I also code in Python, and C++.

The wiki has helped me tremendously in my coding, and in my schooling, so thanks, guys.


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I had an idea occur to me last night. Would it be possible to use a Bezier curve algorithm to plot a course through a number of randomly selected plots? I would like to this create some debugging graphics for this as well. The wikipedia page [[Here]] has a C program that can be used to plot a curve, if anyone besides me is interested in this idea. Also please forgive the lack of coherence in this statement, I'm not quite awake yet. I will rewrite this later with a better explanation of my idea, but I thought I needed to get the raw idea down such as not to forget. ;P -- Baal

Bezier curves can be alot of fun, and I have tested them for many tings such as guessfactor bin smoothing and simular, however they can be rather slow in executing if they are to high of level. --Chase-san

I see someone has been getting alot of use out of my lrp. My web stat counts about 436 uses for your bot N alone (across the versions). --Chase-san

Hey guys, quick question: How can I make sure I have a target? Maybe target.name != null? or something else? Thanks! --Baal

You might need to give more background info on the situation you have in mind. If you initialize your instance variable targetName to an emptry string (targetName = "") at the top of your run() method, then you can check for !targetName.equals("") to ensure you've picked up a target that round. You might also add something to onRobotDeath? that sets targetName to the empty string if the bot that died was your target (if robotDeathEvent.getname().equals(targetName)). Does that answer your question at all, or no? -- Voidious

The latter explanation did the trick, thanks Voidious! -- Baal

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