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Project Ant Hill

Project Lead: Joshua Cottrell

The basic goal of this project is to form an Ant Colony like team to defend a set target, the Queen, and to eradicate all hostiles in the shortest amount of time possible with the fewest bots possible. Bots should be set as follows:
  1. 1 Queen
  2. 2 Guards
  3. 2 Sentries
  4. 3 Fighters

My first goal is to set up the communications array for all the mentioned bots. The baseplate for the Ant_Fighter has been completed.

Status:Working on Perfection
Cool with someone working with Teams! Look up the teams division in the RoboRumble. When you have got a first version of the team running it can duke it out there. And big welcome to the wiki! -- PEZ

Welcome to the Wiki! --Vic

Thanks for the Welcome guys. I'll try to keep my status as up-to-date as possible. --Josh

Josh, could you set your name on the Preferences? page? Then it will be clear on the Changes that you edited stuff. --Vic

Cool~ Team battles will be very more nice to watch. Welcome to here Josh! -- iiley

I tested your download on Robocode Repository against sample team... it lost 5 to 1. I may have picked up an old version but otherwise I think that something's wrong. --DB

Consider increasing firepower... --Starrynte

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