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Ask questions any way you think works. But consider this scheme, which has worked on many wikis:
  1. Find the appropriate context for your question, (i. e. what other page(s) should contain links to the issue?)
  2. Write your question and use what Ward Cunningham (the creator of the first wiki script) calls a [PromptingStatement]. That is put the PageLink inside your question. Anyone who wants to give feedback can then edit that page.
Don't make the first step too sweaty. If you don't find the appropriate context within a few seconds, just use the front page. Someone else will move (or copy) it to the right place if, indeed, there is one. Also consider creating the context if you think it's missing.

Ward Cunningham has more tips on his [TipsFromWardCunningham page]. Especially the Links not Questions section on the initative of Kent Beck is good reading I think. Someone suggest filling in something on the new page because that makes it show up on the Recent Changes pages as well.

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