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To create a PageLink just write a word with a mix of UpperAndLowerCase letters. When you save or preview you will notice that the word ends with a questionmark. That questionmark is a link to a form where you or someone else can enter content for the new page. If the page already exists you will know this because then the question mark isn't there but the page is already linked. This is often a good thing. Make sure to begin the name with an uppercas letter or the page will not be named like you'd expect.

If you don't want the page to be named with that mix of upper and lower case letters (I, for instance, want the PEZ page to be named with only upper case letters) you can use the this syntax:


This can also be used to add the plural "s" to a PageLink:

Create as many [[PageLink]]s as you fancy!

If you want to refer to an existing page but want the link to be differently presented you can use this syntax:

[[PageLink|link to page]]
Please note the vertical bar there between the page name and the alternative link text.

If you want to know how a particular part of an existing page is created (like, for instance, I could protect the syntax examples here from becoming PageLinks) just click the "Edit text of this page" link (in the bottom of most all pages on this wiki).

Use the SandBox to experiment if you like. And please make use of the Preview button. It helps keep the revision control of the wiki tidy.

When you have created content for a page (a new page or a modification). Use the Summary field to summarize what you have added. This will then show up on the "Changes" page (which is a a list of pages that have recently been modified).

Sub pages

You can create one sub level of pages by prepending the PageLink with a forward slash:

You can use the path of a different page to create a page link below that page like so:
would create a link to Robocode2/ProjectGoals which on the Robocode2 page can be referred to as simply:

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