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Axes To-Do List

To-Do List (in order of priority)

0. Finish the SilverSurfer/WaveSuffering page. (that is old)
1. Finish my Axe/Tribute page. (that is very, very, very old)
2. Fix all bugs in SilverSurfer found in WaveSurfingChallenge & BarracudaChallenge.

    - All-Waves surfing.
    - Nasty bug (rare) when drive into a corner (WSCBotA).
3. Start the StormBringer project.

Done List


Seems that my new boss, PEZ, re-ordered my priorities... So... SFWT comes first now! (Teasing Axe) -- Axe

Please re-read your todo list. --Your other new boss

Wow! Im becaming over-bossed (Whe all feel that way sometimes in our lifes)! David, u r right about that code, but this feature is actually one of the goals of StormBringer project... Its too scary doing this in SS directly. Thats the history of that code: HataMoto?=>Musashi=>Okami=>SilverSurfer... Yeah, yeah, i know... Crazy Axe... Messy Axe...
Youre right, i am. Always been and always will be. Too late now to change this now (not that lots & lots of good and resoluted people aint tryied, but when it comes to persevering, im also a master).
At work, at least, my code is far more organized (although still have too much affection with old commented lines...). But you know what happens when messy kids are left alone, dont?
For now ill probably just leave this warning in SSs code: "ALL HOPE ABONDON, YE WHO ENTER HERE.".
StormBringer shall be done as i where working with others programmers... -- Axe

I have a affection with old commented out too. That was all cured by installing CVS at home. Now I check in my code and delete away. I label each version release and can roll back anytime I want. I highly recommend it. -- jim

CVS @ home is in my plans too. Urgently. -- Axe

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