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You probably wanted David Alves or Alcatraz.
No fair redirecting this to David Alves, my name is David too. And I believe the authors of MogBot and PrairieWolf were named David. -- Alcatraz

But you don't see those David's around on the wiki do you?. Had no idea what your name was. =) -- PEZ

When i refer to David, i mean David Alves. I think that is common sense. I am sure that we have another Paul out there, but we have no doubts about who is Paul. Itīs just an oppinion (But i wouldnīt like too someone else using Marcos as alias... ;). -- Axe

We do have another Paul out there, Paul Ingemi, who is on the wiki, and does go by his real name, so we might have a problem there. There is only one David who uses their real name, so that isn't a problem. -- Tango

Yeah, I know he's the only David referred to around here, I just don't want the general name to be redirected to him. It's mine too, even if i don't use it :-P --Alcatraz

What's the problem? This is a wiki. Alcatraz didn't want it redirected and changed it. No problem. -- PEZ

Yep. No problem. -- Axe

I agree, no problem at all. I'll make this a disambig page. -- Tango

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Last edited March 20, 2004 21:00 EST by Tango (diff)