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Trying to model weakly defined stochastic processes is annoying... I think I'll work on movement instead.


Hi! Welcome to the wiki! :-) -- Tango

Wow, 10 hours and already my web site's traffic jumped. -- Paul Ingemi

It's like the slashdot effect, but we don't already hate you for not being us :p -- Kuuran

made any bots?--andrew

Just a stupid one called RedCode. Got 2nd place in five on five and 1st place in battle royale in my college robocode competition. -- Paul Ingemi

you should put it on RoboRumble--andrew

Nah, it would've gotten creamed. -- Paul Ingemi

So does SpareParts, but at least I HOPED it would do ok :-p (SpareParts was the robot I wrote for a similar competition). -- Kawigi

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