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Well, I just had an idea that I'm wondering if there's any interest in: A "Blindfolded" duel or challenge. Basically, all entrant bots, would need to be non-teamed droids, and the battlefield would be a bit smaller (either 400x400 or 600x600 I'm thinking) to make it a touch easier to hit when blind. I'm thinking this could either be run as a TwinDuel style league, or run as a challenge of how well you can perform against a non-blind reference bot (or set of reference bots). I'm not sure which I like better but am leaning towards as a challenge against a non-droid reference bot. The trick here, would be things such as having difficult to hit movement without as much information of how your opponent fires, as well as targeting with very little information to go on. Instead of scan data, robots would need to rely on information in the events for bullet/robot collisions, in order to make rough guesses about where to fire and where to avoid being. Anyone interested in this type of challenge? :-)
-- Rednaxela

This has been done, I had one awhile ago that did okay, basically you gotta use every input you can, also its a different way to design bots (ergo not all on onScannedRobot). --Chase-san
Ah, I didn't know it's already been done. Hm, searching the wiki I presume it was ImplementsDroidCompetition -- Rednaxela
I recall hearing some interest in reviving the PointBlankCompetition which is 1vs1 on a 400x400 map, forcing droid would be interesting, however, I'd like to see another ExtendsRobot competition. Maybe 400X400 Robot droid competition. Should spark some more innovation and thought, as opposed to the rumble which is currently dominated by GF/WS bots. A twinduel-style elimination round would certainly be best I think at least. A "BlindExecution?". -- Baal

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