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 *                  Blur  --  Micro Wave Surfer
* @author:iiley (iiley@hotmail.com) * http://www.robochina.org * 0.1: first release. codesize(734) * 0.2: make surfer accurater than 0.1, gun changed to average velocity linear gun.(codesize 749) *
* Thanks to the following: * PEZ * Jamougha * and a general thanks to all NanoBot and MicroBot developers for being so creative */

Cool! I've tried making a micro WaveSurfer but has failed 200+ bytes of the mark. What kind of gun are you using? -- PEZ

~:)Now it use Smog 2.3's random linear gun, but Smog 2.4 use a average velocity linear gun now. So It is not a competitive bot. However this is the first version, maybe i can squeeze some to improve its gun or make it surf more accurate. -- iiley

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Last edited November 29, 2004 15:15 EST by Iiley (diff)