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My nano bot Smog,it is used to be the best nano OneOnOne bot on eternal-rumble,but now it droped down. It's a open source bot,feel free to use its source code.but not just copy and paste most code to be a new bot.

Bulletin Board

November 30, 2004: Version 2.6 -- Back to a Random Linear Gun, movement with 4 segments.(codesize 245).
Nano Rank:2 Rating:1783.15
General Rank:156 Rating:1620.23

November 29, 2004: Version 2.5 -- Biger segments, Improved the Gun, become a average linear gun.(codesize 248).
Nano Rank:8 Rating:1751.58
General Rank: Rating:

November 29, 2004: Version 2.3 -- Reduced the segments.(codesize 249).
Nano Rank:2 Rating:1794.26
General Rank:159 Rating:1617.35

November 28, 2004: Version 2.2 -- Squezzed the time counter into hit array, made a random linear gun.(codesize 246).
Nano Rank:6 Rating:1767.17
General Rank:156 Rating:1621.95

November 27, 2004: Version 2.1 -- Added a time counter, hit/time must be more accurate, then it become a real statistical nano dodger.(codesize 249).
Nano Rank:9 Rating:1744.91
General Rank:185 Rating:1590.38

November 27, 2004: Version 2.0 -- New years, new scheme.(codesize 249).
Nano Rank:34 Rating:1632.51
General Rank:250 Rating:1488.11

December 27, 2002: Version 1.5 -- Squeeze code size to 242.
Nano Rank:13 Rating:1707.29
General Rank:179 Rating:1593.18

I want to try it. Where can I download it?


How does it move?

move around enemy once ahead once back.

How does it fire?

random shoot.

Where did you get the name?

Smog,when you Smoke,you will see Smog.:)

Can I use your code?

Yes,you can.

What other robot(s) is it based on?


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