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a bot by PEZ and deathcon.

Uses Shivas? (v1.02) movement and CassiusClays (v1.5.2.1) gun.

Basically ment as a testing bot for Shivas movement. I need to find out its real performance.

Wow, after 22 battles fought a score of 1785 and a momentum of 1085. --deathcon

Yeah, it looks strong. I think we're talking 2K here. -- PEZ

2023! Pretty OK movement I would say. =) -- PEZ

Congrats both! Proves that deathcons movement is pretty good, and CCs gun is mighty! deathcon have some points to collect improving that gun (SilverFist showed me that too). -- Axe

It's great that your movement proves to be good! Congrats! --Vic

Not that any bot ahead of DT in the rankings could be suspected of having bad movement. =) -- PEZ

Yeah, you are absolutely right about that.... what was I thinking? ;-) --Vic

You all cant believe the ease i just feel. Now it is proved and i can remove BoxingVirus again from the rankings. It may enter in a new version one day, when i improved my movement (still 9 point to CC :D ) and fight for throne and crown, but the next step to take is obviously the gun. --deathcon

Wow, version 1.10.1 gets 2023 points and leads the PL rankings (only looses to CC and DT). Will be removed from the rankings until i changed some big things in the movement. --deathcon

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Last edited June 14, 2004 13:30 EST by Deathcon (diff)