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To infinity and beyond!

what is this? --andrew

It's my robot - I'll post it once I clean the code up a bit. Right now it's just a gun - A computer fast enough to run the mini targeting challenge in about 5 minutes and lots of stealing ideas from the wiki are the only reasons it's any good. -- MightyMoose

but how did you get such high results in the targeting challange? --andrew

It is just a GF gun using the same segments as Raiko - stuck his segments into my bot and did lots of testing - change something and run a mini challenge - if it was bad for my score, roll back to an older version and try tweaking something else. I pretty much owe my score to Jamougha, Kawigi, and intel. That is also my score after saving up a good bit of data, it isn't as good without all the stuff saved. --MightyMoose

The top table in the TC results page should only be without pre-saved data - there's a (smaller) table below for results with pre-saved data (which I think more people should use :-p) -- Kawigi

Ok, sorry, didn't know that, I'll move the thing then... --MightyMoose

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