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CircleAvoider is an advanced robot that dodges bullets and fires using direct, linear, circular targeting, stop-and-go, and one other. However, its actual firing is extremely erratic (it should be fixed with this release) although it works extremely well. Its avoidance is also as erratic and was at first designed to be more precise although it now looks like it is simply bouncing off bullets. More avoidance and firing strategies will be added.

It can be downloaded from:

Version History
2 September, 2005: A minor change that should fix a firing problem.
30 August, 2005: Version 2.0 with a much better firing is released.
26 July, 2005: Version 1.4 is released that has a few changes. It should be the last release for a month or so.
25 July, 2005: Version 1.3 is released and will be the last release for some time. It is about the most a robot can go with simple targeting and dodging. (Ranked 191--1587.7)
18 July, 2005: A paranoid dodger of CircleAvoider is released. Circular targeting/avoidance is also added. (Ranked 192--1588.89)
13 July, 2005: CircleAvoider 1.0 without dodging and only linear and direct firing is released. (Ranked 229--1545.74)

Comments or questions are welcome below.

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