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I'm a software developer from Saint Paul, MN, USA. My first exposure to Robocode was in 2001 when I developed a bot(Moses) that was promptly dismissed by every moving sample bot.

I re-discovered Robocode with the announcement of its open source release. Initially, I used Robocode as a testing ground for my interest in artificial neural networks. Since then, I've been infected by the competition virus. This simple game and generous wiki continue to teach me volumes about the truly interesting parts of software development. Areas that I'd like to explore include:

For a nice intro. to many techniques that could be valuable to Robocode: http://www.autonlab.org/tutorials/


Chalk - A mega one-on-one bot. Employs WaveSurfing and a gun via DynamicClustering (or whatever you want to call it).
Chomsky - A mega one-on-one bot. My artifical neural net test bot. (gun)
Che - A mini one-on-one bot. My pattern matching prototype and first mini-bot.
Charo - My first micro and first attempt at GuessFactorTargeting.

I'm currently on a robocode hiatus but I still check in at least once a week.


Tigger is actually using tile coding again, after trying several other things (including kernel regression) tile coding just works better. -- StefW

Hey man, you still around? Is that pesky "Real Life" getting in the way of Robocode? =) I thought/hoped a new version of Chalk was imminent when you posted the MC2k6 scores... -- Voidious

Pesky indeed. Work's become a bit time-consuming. The MovementChallenge2K6 results are from development as of mid-Jan. Looks like I have some catching up to do. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak in improvements here and there. When I left off, I was experimenting with surfing without stats buffers. See you in the Rumble... -Corbos

Tag, you're it. Voidious had a dream involving Ugluk, and last night I dreampt that Chalk's author turned out to be this guy who eats at the same lunch caffeteria-ish place. Actually he is usually just reading a book. Anyway .. I don't think we had much to talk about .. which is more realistic than dreams usually get. If you've ever met people you only know from the Internet, you know what I mean. Pleasant dreams! =) -- Martin

Something like this: ? That's about right. ;) --Corbos

Lol dude... That's pretty much how I picture all you guys =) -- Voidious

Hmm... we appear to have gotten into synch with each other on the version releases ;) By the way, congrats on getting back to about the same rating with a whole new way of doing things with your last version. I very much like the thought of an OpenSource tank that uses somewhat similar methods to Shadow! Rock on. -- Voidious

Yeah, Chalk seems to be heading in the right direction again; though "somewhat similar methods to Shadow" might be pushing it. Maybe "the playskool version of ideas gleaned from the description of TronsGun". Check out axebots.* for another stats-buffer-less implementation (the gun, at least). What will you be doing at IBM? --Corbos

I'll be working in Java with WebSphere?. IBM is a company I've been really interested in working for after graduating, too, so I'm pretty stoked about getting that internship. -- Voidious

Ey Corbos, if you could send me an e-mail? pezius@gmail.com -- PEZ

Hey man, it was good to see you are still around. Any new versions of Chalk in the pipeline, are you venturing off into conquering some new Robocode territory, or has that pesky Real Life reared its head once again? =) -- Voidious

I still check in once and a while. A new job at SAP has kept me busy the last few months... often these gigs are more surreal life than Real Life... I find time for a little noodling with Chalk, but nothing serious. He's such a slow bastard that testing is time-consuming.

I haven't kicked the habit, however. After a long day of defending architectures, synchronizing backends, and just acting [enterprisy], I relax with a little Robocode.

How about you? Maintaining the school/Robocode? balance? Hope all is well. --Corbos

Well hey, congrats on the new job (I think) =) ... Last semester was my last, actually, degree officially "awarded" just a few days ago (woohoo!). Haven't been too consumed by Robocode of late, but still posting some tweaks and keeping up with the wiki here. You'd think being jobless would result in all-day Robocoding sessions, but somehow I just can't relax and get into it enough until I'm back to a normal routine, it seems. I think a new targeting challenge will motivate me to do some more gun work sometime. Anyway, take it easy, cheers, -- Voidious

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