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=== Cthulhu ===

=== Author ===

==== Purpose ====
My first robot, principally gain data for develop future version

==== History ====
VER. 1.0: gain data for develop future version, uploaded 9/7/2008, stable roborumble@home position: 520 VER. 1.2: first combat version, uploaded 22/7/2008

==== What's special about it? ====
Multibot?, expansible gun (use virtualguns?) and movement(use antigravity?)

==== Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it? ====
[download version 1.0] [download version 1.2]

==== How competitive is it? ====
VER 1.0 It suck(but the first movement can beat horizon without any shot). VER 1.2 we will see...

==== How does it move? ====
Anti gravity with grav point created by movement type. Actually don't choose the best movement but simply change it every round, and the movement are really simple path. save results on file VER 1.2 try all movement for one round, then choose the best. if died change movement, if win still use the same. Added random movement.

==== How does it fire? ====
VER 1.0 Use VirtualGuns but actually it has only linear and head on targeting VER 1.2 Added NN gun and circular targeting, but they aren't good as hoped

==== Where did you get the name? ====
From Howard Phillips Lovecraft nightmare.

==== Can I use your code? ====
Actually isn't open source, the next version maybe...

==== To Do ====

==== It is based on any other bot? ====
Based on anybody and nobody, I've read many bot source and wiki articles, so in this bot there is a bit of everything. Antigrav based on [this article]

==== Comments ====

Is there anything in your code that requires java 1.6? I'm asking because the rumble client I run the most only has java 1.5, and I can't update it for now. Maybe you could compile your bot with 1.5 compatibility (-target 1.5), that way you will get your results much faster. ;) -- ABC

Yes, my bot actually is 1.6 addicted... next version will solve the problem, thank for the advice -- Asdasd

Never mind, I just updated my work computer with java 1.6. Now if you could make your bot run a bit faster... :) -- ABC

If you released it as opensource I'd be happy to go through it and see if I could speed anything up. =) Provided of course that you don't mind your code being a little hacked... -- Skilgannon

Now I had to exclude this bot from my rumble clients, it was freezing them. My guess is that you exceeded the file quota (200kb) and/or that it is taking too long to read/write the data. -- ABC

The opensource code will be provided with the next version, but look in the robolumble's bot, if you are luky you will find the source :-). next version will solve the incompatibility problem, i will also check for the max dataquota, but i think the exception is actually catch.. now for me it's late, goodnight -- Asdasd

i'm thinking seriusly about put a GF gun & rewrite completely the bot for a good log system: every bot (and chtulu too) will be logged with this information: 1) position(x, y, heading, velocity) 2) energy 3) possible shot(it's a vector of virtual bullet: every time it's recorded an energy drop it's created many virtual bullet using the Chtulu gun, and they will be antigrav based on the power of the bullet an the estimate gun in use)

any suggestions? sorry for the spelling:-) -- asdasd

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