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My Best Bots

     Detects bullets and moves just enough to move.
     Repetition gun counts how many times the enemy
         has changed direction in a certain amount of
         time. If they are repetative, he quits using
         circular targeting and starts with basic aiming
         for the bots that pass over the same point multiple
         times in a match.
     --New versions(5.0 and newer) have a parametric gun that
       I made. It works by detecting movement per tick and
       using "timeslope" equations (y=tm) to predict positions.
     Opposite Selective Random Movement (OSRM)
     Works well against pattern matchers.

I've made various other's that beat both of these pretty easily since I wrote that, but those two were still the first bots that I really got into and really made my own.

Please be careful with using underscores in the name of your bot, RR@Home does not always accept it. And of course a (late) welcome to the wiki! -- GrubbmGait

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