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A bot by Kev and Voidious, using WaveSerpent's movement and Dookious's gun.

Version History:

Download at: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/pclark/wiki.DookiSerpent_1.22.jar

Comments, questions, feedback:

Whoa! After only 358 battles a score of 2102.52, a higher score then Phoenix! Lets see if it holds! --Chase-san

Just about even with Phoenix (-30% across all bots) after ~300 opponents. Wow, looks like you have quite a few points left in your gun! Definitely a very impressive movement you have there. -- Voidious

It looks like I really need to do some work on my gun! I can't believe my movement is almost up to the level of Phoenix, especially because WaveSerpent still gets about 5 points lower than it in the MovementChallenge2K6. Another interesting thing DookiSerpent shows me is that WaveSerpent's losses in the premier league are more due to its movement then its targeting. Aside from improving its gun, it might be a good idea to add a curve flattener also. -- Kev

Whoa, if you give WaveSerpent an good flattener, your movement is gonna outrank Dookious'! Most of the bots up in the top ten have a flattener already and need it to even be there. --Chase-san

Yep, that's certainly true to a degree, but I'd be careful of your expactations with adding a flattener. There's no doubt it can and will help your PL prowess, but you've got to be very very careful with enabling it to even break even on the rating side of things. Against any bot that you are successfully adapting against, flattening will consistently make you perform worse.

Also, by the way, make sure you compare against the right version of Dookious - 1.472 is the one at 2116. What version is this gun really from? There is no Dookious 1.477. ;)

-- Voidious

Whoops, I used the gun from Dookious 1.472. I'm not too sure how much difference a flattener will make either. I did some quick tests with one a while back that didn't work very well, but I'm sure a properly tuned flattener could help my scores against the top bots. Whatever it does to my rating, I'd like to see WaveSerpent's PL rank come closer to its general rank (and I want to get ride of those orange spaces on its performance chart too). I guess I won't really know how well it works until I give it a try... -- Kev

You could try a MicroFlattener?, just use the last wave that passed guessfactor as a factor to dodge, don't bother dumping it into your cache, considering that space is better used for you bots most awesome dodging. --Chase-san

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