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Man! Wikis are complicated! Oh well, one more thing to learn.

I made a page for for my intended first bot Bob!

Anyway, Hello my name is dosnlinux and I'm a Robocodeaholic...

I don't have any bots made yet, but for my first one I want to make a human controlled one! Let's see who's smarter: man or man's creation. I thought it might be a neat little toy for people to try out. What are the best newbie bot's to try out my beginner bots on? (Besides the sample ones of course :P )

Some of my first bots, like CircleBot, SillyBot and SpareParts aren't incredibly difficult to beat with a solid starting-out bot. Once you get past those, you can try and get past being humiliated by the deceptively simple FunkyChicken. -- Kawigi

Thanks Kawigi! CircleBot seems like a good first victimizer and then maybe SpareParts. I couldn't find SillyBot on RobocodeRepository though. It seems like they're having some issues with the site. The search function doesn't work very well, neither does the forum, and some pages don't even show up. Maybe they're still moving the site over. PS. Ignore the weird fonts. I was just testing what the wiki could do. Oh! BTW is there any way to mirror the site so I can have a copy of the tactics for use offline? -- dosnlinux

Don't hold onto any hope for the repository. The search function has been down for at least a year. I don't know about the last question, maybe if PEZ ever shows up, he can answer, but I suspect he is busy playing Halo. Anyway, welcome to the wiki. -- Alcatraz

So is the repository still being used or is it pretty much dead and unmaintained? I know html and a little javascript if they need help (they probably use more complicated stuff, but you can still rig up a nice search function with javascript) --dosnlinux

Well, we still use the repository to upload bots, it's just that it is very hard to get in contact with the guys who run it. The forums have been down for up to weeks at a time. Also, I think they use javascript. -- Alcatraz

But for the things that don't work, they seem to use JSP/Servlets? and some kind of Database that's probably hooked up through JDBC. -- Kawigi

I have mirrored the site using some full site downloader and it worked somewhat. I could probably zip it up and post a link to it. Would that be of interest? It was a month or so back, but most of the contents was in place then anyway. And, yes. I'm busy playing Halo 2. Or actually busy trying to create the [Halo 2 knowledge repository]. I might already have succeeded. I know of no other site which can compete in sheer volume and accessibility of Halo 2 info. But the work continues anyway, the site has not reach 10% of its potential yet. Sorry about not showing up here as much these days. But I do keep my eye on it and smile a father's smile seening it being so well taken care of by my fellow Robocode nutties. =) -- PEZ

Yes, ziping it up and posting a link would be very much apreciated, thank you very much. I hate dialup, but that's what you get for living at home with no income:) --dosnlinux

I think I found something to download the site with. It's an extention for firefox called downTHEMall (is there anything this browser can't do:D ) I'm still in te process of download all 2600 something pages(wow, that is a lot of info.) --dosnlinux

HTTrack works well too. --dosnlinux

And why not just wget? :> --lRem

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