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Vi Improved? Is that possible? Indeed it is. This $0 text editor (available at http://www.vim.org) can take shape as a powerful IDE for just about any programming task. And it's ported to virtually every computing platform. Including *nix (like Linux, Cygwin and MacOSX) and Windows. It's even ported to the Sharp Zaurus Handheld (http://www.killefiz.de/zaurus/showdetail.php?app=388).

People who randomly run VIM usually get scared by a text editor that initially doesn't allow you to edit the text (that is achieved by entering the insert mode). But, unlike most others, VIM comes with an extensive documentation. To be accurate, whole documentation of vim consists of 1734885 words, 612089 of which are available with the online help system. This speaks clearly about the number of features included. Also you can always type


VIM users tips and tricks

All the commands and magic keys will work only in the normal mode. That's the one available after the start of VIM and also after pressing 'Esc'.

A really top feature:

Pressing * will search for the word currently under cursor.

To switch on highlighting of matching parens, just give the command:
:set showmatch
-- PEZ

When cursor is on a paren(/bracket/whatever) you can also press % to jump to the matching one. If there's no matching one you'll hear a beep.

If you want to publish your code, you could consider converting it into HTML with all the syntax highlighting and so:
-- lRem

Yes, that's a pretty cool feature. The result is like so: http://pezius.com/robodocs/Aristocles.java.html -- PEZ

Huh, I wonder why they would make a feature to generate HTML that says that says "Interested in this domainname? Please e-mail me an offer and I just might sell it to you."? ;-) --David Alves

That's simple. VIM is *not* only a free editor, actually it helps you earn money :D -- lRem

A trick I extensively use last times:

And remember that you change windows with CTRL-w UP/DOWN. --lRem

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