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The autoextract jarfile is no good on OS X. Releasing a version without it would be nice for those of us on the non-windows side. I hate having to dig around and make things work.

Breaking news!

As of September 3 2003 MacOSX has a Java 1.4.1 (Update 1) that can render Robocode at the same (even better) speeds as Java 1.3.1. This means I can run thos BrokenBots too! (If it wasn't for Jim I could have been unknowing for quite a while more. Thanks Jim!) -- PEZ

With Java 1.4.2 Update 1, released on August 11 2004, RobocodeGLV014 runs without a single invalid drawable. Overall stability of Robocode increased by 200%. :) -- Jonathan

Perhaps deprecated problems

I'm running using Java 1.4.1 under Mac OS X 10.2.4 on a 1Ghz dual-processor G4

Clarification: I have problems with just about every version of Robocode I have. I'll outline the setups and my problems with them below:

Normal Robocode with latest Java (1.4.1)
Game runs at 2 fps (known issue w/ Apple's latest Java), and the UI does not respond after a battle has been started. (Not even once the battle has finished)
RobocodeGLV014 with lastest Java (1.4.1)
See RobocodeGLV014/BugReporting.
Normal Robocode with Java 1.3.1
None of the above problems, but randomly crashes during battles (this problem is currently not manifesting itself, so this is usable, but fps is still fairly low when non/minimized (<40fps with target fps = 10000)). >edit:< I just tested, and confirmed that this only happens when I turn on visible radar scans.

I'm afraid that I don't know how to set java to use only one processor - I can't find anything on google or the ADC. If someone can tell me how to do so, I can try.


OS X and Java Graphics applications are a dog together. I and other people have been discussing this in various forums. I should compile the findings on the wiki instead... However the Java 1.3.1 crashing issue. On my Mac it crashes as well and it's a single processer PowerBook G4. But only when I switch on visible radar scans. -- PEZ

Common misconceptions

How it is spelled

Mac OS X, OS X for short.

Where the 'X' came from

Mac OS version I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X is the successor to Mac OS 9.

-- Jonathan

On my old AMD2000 (1.66 GHz) PC, rebuilding the Robocode cache for a few hundred bots takes like 30-45 minutes. On my new MacBook (Intel Core Duo 2GHz), it takes like less than a minute. Can anybody tell me how long this takes on an Intel Windows PC? I'm wondering if it's just the hardware, or something with Apple's optimized version of Java, or what... You'd basically just delete .robotcache and robot.database, and restart Robocode - be ready for it to take a while if you're testing this just for me, but I know at least Martin has done this before. -- Voidious

On my 1GHz P3 it takes about four minutes, note though that I only have the current participants (~435) present in my robots directory. (every week I walk through the directory and delete older versions) -- GrubbmGait

Thanks for the info - I guess it's the AMD processor or some other aspect of the hardware on my PC. -- Voidious

On the off chance anybody is interested, rebuilding the cache on the same machine under a fresh install of Linux was pretty swift, about 3-4 minutes. Perhaps some aspect of the 3 year old Windows XP install was at fault... -- Voidious

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