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The best computer on planet Earth. -- PEZ

Unless you want to run JDK 1.4.x ;) -- jim

Well, I want that and still think it's the best. That's how good it is. -- PEZ

I think my new work computer might compare with your iBook - it can run the JDK 1.4 and it has dual intel Xeon processors at 2.8 Ghz apiece. And it has the next version of Visual Studio on it that won't be released for another month or so.

(Pointing to above) Some people get all the luck :'( Stuck with pentium II for years to come. At least it can run 1.4.x. :) DragonTamer

Now if he would just install AOL IM on it I could continue to ask him all sorts of questions. It is a competing technology so it is probably blocked at the firewall though =^> -- jim

Well, I have iChat. Never used it though. What makes the PowerBook so good is mainy it's big screen and OS X. OS X is a dream. -- PEZ

I am a Linux/Unix? bigot so I will give you a pass on OS X. I like that OS a lot. I have it on an old G3 Aqua that my children use and it is very nice. -- jim

Yup. You and me both. Linux is great for servers (the wiki is running on a Debian GNU/Linux? box which makes it wonderfully easy to manage). OS X is the only serious Unix desktop OS. It kicks Linux ass any day on that arena. And the Unix underpinnings make it usable like Windows can never be. (Not without Cygwin or some such anyways.) -- PEZ

From what I've heard OSX seems to borrow certain things, like memory management, from the worst possible distros of UNIX to be borrowing from. I give Linux and the various open BSDs a big ahead on account of using recent, debugged, as well as more easily maintainable, code. -- Kuuran

That's pretty irrelevant for the user. What's relevant is the user experience. Linux on the desktop is a test on your patience. It takes ages to tweak the environment to be the very bit smooth. And it never will be, regardless how much tweaking you put in to it. All programs seem to have their own idea about user interface design. As I said, for a server Linux would be my choice any day, and always is. But on the desktop OS X rules big. The memory management or whatever core stuff seems to work well enough. I've only restarted my PowerBook once in thw two years I've used it due to a hangup in the system. My Linux laptop at work is more unstable than that. Even if it too is a stable system. -- PEZ

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