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Gun tests:

How would my new ZoomTargeting gun match up against my existing PatternMatching gun? Also, am I making progress in developing it further?

Zoom 2 81.5%86.8% 100% 91.5% 75.8% 68.7% 78.1% 71.4% 69.7% 69.6%93.1% 78.2% 94.8%
Zoom 1 78.7%85.9% 99.7% 86.5% 63.4% 66.4% 79.2% 61.1% 73.3% 65.9%93.6% 80.3% 89.1%
PM 1.0 76.5%86.4% 96.5% 92.0% 67.9% 48.9% 77.1% 55.3% 80.5% 47.0%93.9% 76.5% 95.7%

The index is calculated following the rules of the TargetingChallenge:

Index= 100 - ((OpponentScore/MyScore) * 100)


FhqFhqwhgads 1.1 TCKawigi
ArtTheArtOfWar 1.2 TCRay Vermette
Spar Sparrow 2.5 TC Dummy
AshAshRMC iiley
DT SandboxDT 1.91 Paul Evans
AspAspidMovement? Albert
CigCigaret 1.31 TC iiley
Tron Tron 2.01 ABC
TitTityus PEZ
YngYngwie TC [Enno Peters]?
HTTC HTTC 1.0 Kawigi/PEZ
FunFunkyChicken TC Kawigi

(These are all non-shooting bots)

Movement tests:


The results of my first test (8 aug 2003) show some very interesting results:

Do you really mean to divide opponent score by your own? Shouldn't it be the other way around? -- PEZ

Fhqwhgads 1.1 also depends on its opponent to move away from it - it is likely that it ends up close to you and stays there for whole battles (my MovementChallenge entries wouldn't do that). But it's gun still does kick butt, it's quite similar functionally to the dev FloodHT's gun. -- Kawigi

Congratulations are in place! This gun breaks truly fertile ground. You might take the lead in the best guns league with this. We don't know yet if Fh... is a top 10 bot. But Marshmallow sure has problems against it. It's actually the dev versions most difficult bot, by a margin. That's why I wanted it in the TargetingChallenge. StatistRobot shows a not-so-flat curve for it. Your zooming gun must be able to exploit that. We didn't need your test to know that TheArtOfWar's 1v1 movement is bad though. That has been known for a while. It's what makes it a good reference bot for the targeting challenge. Certain types of guns find it really easy to hit, others (like Gouldingi's) can't spot the weakness. -- PEZ

I expected my PatternMatcher to do better against Tron and that turned out to be true. Tron scores 26.7% against my ZoomTargeting gun, and 19.5% against my PatternMatcher gun. I think the reason is that Tron moves within the constraints of a grid, with a very consistent wave movement. That means its variations in movement are much more restricted and result in a better chance of finding a good match for the PatternMatcher. Although the zoom gun performed worse, I'm still very satisfied with both results since Tron is a true top bot.

When watching the battles against Tron , I noticed that the ZoomTargeting gun can adapt amazingly fast! Sometimes Tron would decide to oscillate (go back and forth using the same path) for a short while. Ender's ZoomTargeting gun picks up on that very fast and hurts Tron real bad in that situation. I am wondering if I can retain that property when I add the MultipleChoice statistics to the gun. Maybe I will decide in the end that this version of the gun deserves a permanent place in Ender's guns array if it proves to exploit certain weaknesses in the enemy's movement that Statistical guns are unable to find. Also, this version of the ZoomTargeting gun is surpisingly small in terms of codesize. It might even fit in a MiniBot (maybe even in a MicroBot). Does anyone have a good MiniBot / MicroBot movement that I can use? ;-)

Would anyone be interested in evaluating this gun at the moment?

-- Vic

It's not easy to choose among fast and slow learning guns. Paul is the only one I know of that manages this. Which of course says that it is possible. =) I am close to finishing my new movement. It is pretty small, codesize 750, including utility functions and bot structure that you might need anyways. It's probably shrinkable to 300 or some such, but that would violate my rules of clean code. I'll send a bot with this movement to both you and ABC then and you can add your guns. I think the movement is at least Marshmallow 1.9 class. Maybe tonight it's finished. -- PEZ

Thanx PEZ, your new movement is really good! At least, against my guns :-) On average, Tityus has the same score as Cigaret and DT. Good company I'd say :-)

About slow/fast learning: managing this is one of the design goals I have with ZoomTargeting. When it's finished, the enemy will need to have a flat profile not only in different situation segments, but also in different time segments. And not just two, but (currently) 8 time segments.

-- Vic

Oooh~~~,almost the same socre as Cigaret,38.9%--38.8%,44.7%--44.7....~;] -- iiley

PEZ has sent me a new version of Tityus. On average this is now the best movement against my guns. It scores a bit worse against my ZoomTargeting gun, but it is now the most difficult target for my PatternMatcher. PEZ, if you submit it to the movement challenge you might submit a winner! -- Vic

Yes, if it wasn't for DT thinking it's the most predictable movement since SpinBot. =) But I have a theory about why that could be and will test that theory asap. -- PEZ

Just updated all indices to reflect the new 100- ... formula. Now I can compare with ABC's score in the TargetingChallenge and it shows me that I still have a lot of work to do :-) -- Vic

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