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Change movement(direction, speed, etc.) when EnergyDrop detected. Effective and efficient in NanoBots.

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Sample code:
//lateralAngle is class's member variable. ( static double lateralAngle; )

		if (enemyEnergy > (enemyEnergy = e.getEnergy())) {
			lateralAngle *= -1.0;
			setMaxVelocity(4.0 + Math.random() * 8.0);
		setAhead(lateralAngle * 100.0);

stelo.MirrorNano 1.2 uses this method.

-- Stelokim

You should take a look at FunkyChicken - I think it manages to do something like this in even less code =) -- Voidious

Thanks for good information. You mean the commented old code?

//The old "Perceptual bullet-dodger" code:
-- Stelokim

Yes, that's probably it. I actually hadn't checked the code recently, just read about it a lot on the wiki, and knew it was something like that. -- Voidious

Squirrel uses something like this as one of its movements. It starts out by circling them, and if that doesn't work, it uses a similar thing to this. It works REALLY WELL against Linear/Circular? targeters. If that doesn't work, I assume they are using some sort of learning gun and I switch to WaveSurfing. (My wavesurfing still needs work, though :) ) --Bayen

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