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Falcon - By PEZ

Download link: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2009

I wanted to know how small I could get a GF gun. This is my first attempt:

$ java -jar /roboleague/codesize.jar Falcon*.class
        Code    Class   Class
Nr      size    size    files   Location
1       109     1151    1       Falcon$Wave.class
2       229     2074    1       Falcon.class
I'll help you add those numbers up: 338 bytes.

Anyone can shrink it further without obfuscating the code too much? Anyone can shrink it some with all shrinking trick allowed? Let's make two pages for it:

I'm not sure the current version is bug free. The TC results are quite terrible. But maybe that's what you get with an unsegmented gun. To calibrate it I have run it through 3 seasons of the TargetingChallenge/ResultsFastLearning. Anyone helping out shrinking/bug fixing can do that test too. Probably better with 15 seasons, but that can maybe wait until the gun performs closer to 80%.

-- PEZ

Comments / Questions

Can someone help me run this bot through the TargetingChallenge/FastLearning please? I can't get Tron 2.01 to not blast it. -- PEZ

Don't you have to set the properties file to reference mode, or something like that? -- Jamougha

Challenge mode rather - it works on mine, which is from the TC jar. Are you sure you're spelling challenge right? :-) It defaults to normal mode. -- Jamougha

Yeah, I'm sure I'm spelling challenge right. VIM? has this completion features that is a saviour for typo-ists like myself. =) It works with Tron 2.02, but not with 2.01. Really strange. -- PEZ

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