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The best web browser around? -- PEZ

not for me, i use a Scandinavian browser: [Opera] --Loki

B.t.w. would it be an idea to publish the list of changes as an RSS-feed? That way you can see the changes on a regular basis, depending on the settings of your news reader --Loki

Eh... Haven't read the WikiNews page yet? -- PEZ

@PEZ: Yes. --David Alves

sorry Pez, only read the WikiNews after your suggestion. I still have a lot of reading to do to catch up... But this RSS-feed is cool B-) --Loki

You mean you suggested RSS feed of the changes without knowing I had just fixed it? How amazing is that on a scale? It was within 24 hours I think! Now I am figuring on how to make an RSS feed for the RR@H rankings... -- PEZ

Appearantly we have the same needs ! (but i will not go into further detail on this subject ;-) )--loki

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