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UseModWiki 1.0.pez in use

Hello folks. I've upgraded the wiki script to the latest UseModWiki release. Plus some of my own patches that so many of our pages rely on. I hope it works. -- PEZ

New stuff (feel free to edit this section as you find new behaviour)

Here's a page mentioning a few RSS feed readers for some platforms - http://channels.lockergnome.com/rss/resources/articles/quickstart.phtml -- PEZ

For people using FireFox... I don't know why FF doesn't "see" this feed automatically. But you can add the wiki RSS feed as a Live Bookmark anyway. -- PEZ

Would it be possible to make a wiki rss feed that includes the diff of the edit, or would it typically be too huge? I have the wiki's RSS feed open in Microsoft Outlook, by the way, I'll bet I'm the first one ;-) -- Kawigi

That should be possible, though it would take a considerable amount of time to figure out how to do it. [MediaWiki] does what you ask for by default. Check http://h2wiki.halowiki.net/wiki/Special:Recentchanges for instance. I've just finished porting the halowiki to wikipedia from usemod. It was 250 pages and took some time =) If some of you guys are willing to help we could look into the possibilities of moving this wiki to the wikipedia engine. Think of mediawiki as a much better usemod. -- PEZ

I patched the table syntax handling some more. Now tables like this are supported:

CSS-styledLeft Center Right
foo bar c 270
barfoo center 1200

That is. To get left aligned cell contents, pad with at least two spaces at the end. Center - at least two spaces beofore and after the content, Right, pad with at least two spaces before. (Left and right of course requires that you don't pad with more than one space at "the other" end). To let CSS styles choose the alignement, don't double-space pad anywwhere in the cell.

-- PEZ

Why do the Preview suddenly show below the edit box? Because I have forgotten to fix it in the new script. Anyone feels it is necessary? I kinda like it the default way... -- PEZ

Page embedded title searches

I hacked the script again! Can't help it. =) This time I added a macro (or whatever it should be called) in the spirit of the <toc> tag. This one embeds title searches in the pages. The macro is activated with a tag - <title-search search_for_this_or_that_text>. Good for listing pages that are named around a particular subject like:

.... WaveSurfing/Archive20070511
.... WaveSurfing/BarracudaChallenge
.... WaveSurfing/DevilFISHChallenge
.... WaveSurfing/Experiments
.... WaveSurfing/GoToStyle
.... WaveSurfing/NanoSurfer
.... WaveSurfing/PathFinding
.... WaveSurfing/PatternSurfing
.... WaveSurfing/PrecisePrediction
.... WaveSurfing/ReverseForwardSensors
.... WaveSurfing/ShrapnelSurf
.... WaveSurfing/TrueSurf
.... WaveSurfing/Tutorial
.... WaveSurfingChallenge/BotA
.... WaveSurfingChallenge/BotB
.... WaveSurfingChallenge/BotC
.... WaveSurfingChallenge/FastLearning

Neat huh? (Open the page for editing to see how the list was produced.) I hope it works. If the wiki scripts blows up I can just replace the old one while I try to fix it.

-- PEZ

Random page excludes archived rankings again

Well, yes. I made the random page function skip pages mathcing "Rankings_". -- PEZ


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