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So, I've hyped it all up, it's still not on the repository, and you're wondering what your statist robot should expect in FloodHT? Well, here's what a few respected Statist type robots said about it:

Kawigi: Now, StatistRobot, I understand that you've endured 200 grueling rounds against this FloodHT. What was your observation of it?

StatistRobot: Well, Kawigi, I was quite impressed in general. He had a pretty tough profile as far as I could tell.

Kawigi: Well, how does he do in normal fighting range?

StatistRobot: Well, when I fought him, he looked something like this to my internal statistical system:

Kawigi: Whoa, that's one broad curve. But maybe I could take advantage of weak movement close up?

StatistRobot: Nah, I'd doubt it.

Kawigi: Why wouldn't it work?

StatistRobot: Because if you get close to him, he does this:

Kawigi: Ouch, I wouldn't even know where to fire there.

StatistRobot: I didn't either.

Kawigi: How is his gun?

StatistRobot: Ummm, a lot better than mine, that's why I'm in rehab.

Kawigi: Oh, sorry to hear that. Did you ever try just getting as far away from him as possible?

StatistRobot: Yeah, I didn't get hit quite as much, but I still couldn't find a weakness. He did this to me:

Kawigi: Ouch, that's brutal. And you couldn't get any further away than that?

StatistRobot: Nope, he would never let me further than 700 without his DynamicDistancing factors kicking in and chasing me.

Kawigi: Well, I hope you recover soon. Stay tuned for an interview with FloodMini. If anyone can give us an insider's view on FloodHT, it's got to be FloodMini.

Kawigi: And we're back, and with me here is a close relative of FloodHT's, and a respected statist who recently broke into the top 15 on the EternalRumble. Welcome, FloodMini!

FloodMini: Well, with an introduction like that, you'd expect me to say that FloodHT can be beaten.

Kawigi: Well, can he?

FloodMini: Well, I got lucky almost 1/3 of the time.

Kawigi: That little? And this is from one of the top 15 robots on the EternalRumble?

FloodMini: This is a beast.

Kawigi: Well, FloodMini, I understand you're something of a master of statistical segmentation. Does FloodHT have any weak segments?

FloodMini: As a matter of fact he does still. Unfortunately, by the time I find them, he's found my weaknesses several times over. Unfortunately, his developer has access to my internal stats, so the next release will probably get rid of anything I can see on him.

Kawigi: Could you give us an overview of his movement?

FloodMini: But their might be children around!

Kawigi: I think we'll be ok, visitors to the Robowiki are typically adults, and rarely under 16.

FloodMini: Well, then I suppose they could handle it. Here's a general overview:

Kawigi: Wow, how do you hit something that looks like that? Of course, I've never seen one of your graphs before, how does that compare to other bots' profiles?

FloodMini: Well, here's the general, all-around graph for SandboxDT. On further segmentation, however, SandboxDT stays strong in a lot more segments than FloodHT currently does:

Kawigi: Wow, it looks like in order to hit FloodHT, you just have to shoot wherever SandboxDT isn't. What would happen if a robot alternated between SandboxDT's movement and FloodHT's?

FloodMini: I think we'd need a new targeting algorithm.

Kawigi: Wow, so anyways, this is still a real strong profile in your book. Does FloodHT really look like this at normal distance?

FloodMini: Actually, he does. And that little dip in the middle always gets me in the early rounds:

Kawigi: Well, now I have to admit, I'm a little skeptical that his close range could look like that.

FloodMini: Sadly, segmenting stats on distance just doesn't seem to do it for this guy:

Kawigi: Wow, how many people keep a dip in the center of their profile and a spike on the negative spike at closer than 250?

FloodMini: It's certainly not the norm, from what I've observed.

Kawigi: And you're an observant one, aren't you? Of course, most people have a little more concentration of their profile in the long range, right?

FloodMini: Yes, they do, and if you consider this a concentration in the middle, so does FloodHT:

Kawigi: Yipes, where did those familiar spikes on the sides go?

FloodMini: That's what I wanted to know. It's like every other guess factor is a spike, and I can't even shoot in his neighborhood at that range, because I don't know what he's going to do.

Kawigi: Was he this good in development?

FloodMini: I think he must have tried every possible variant of the FloodMovement in development. Some made him meat for my gun, some were really buggy, some were really good. The second he started using this "cool movement" of his, I just lost it. It has to have taken me about 4 times as long to figure out how to hit him since he started doing it.

Kawigi: I remember some talk about that technique. What does OCM look like?

FloodMini: Well, once I saw OCM, I swear I didn't believe my scanner. It was like I thought I knew what he was doing, and then BOOOM!!! I lost him. By the time I registered a wave hit, my bullet was so far from him, I don't even think I could see it anymore.

Kawigi: Can it be beat?

FloodMini: I think so. After about 500 rounds or so, I was starting to figure that little number out.

Now kawigi that is one impressive set of graphs, however i hate to break it to you - StatistRobot can't talk, so it must have been the voices inside your head... :) -- Brainfade

Well, it's true that I can't talk, but I can type and I also can IM pictures to SmogPainter. -- StatistRobot

The most entertaining robot page so far. Put up a graph on DT's short distance profile as well. It's rather impressing. Can I have that grapher please? -- PEZ

Actually, FloodMini at least sees SandboxDT's close range as basically FloodHT's close range without the negative spike:

About sending out the grapher... Well, it's kind of ghetto (I don't even have a window listener on it, so you have to do Ctrl+C in the console to stop it), but I suppose it's still useful. It also requires a modified version of FloodMini (at least if you react to bullet fire, because FloodMini up to 1.2 fires a wave bullet every scan). Sparafucil3 has been using it in trying to improve Jekyl, though, and I guess I could just give it to someone to make it nicer to use. -- Kawigi

Very cool stull Kawigi. I'm officially impressed. I've started a new movement concept myself, but also a new and hopefully powerful gunning concept. I have to put in some serious work until exams are over, so give me until thursday, and then I'll start building a bot that can come up with a similar movement profile. Hopefully I'll bring some competition to FloodHT! :D -- Vuen

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