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Grrr ... I really must learn to code faster ... this is the third time someone gives away ideas I had less than a week ago. The first one was Waves in favor of Virtual bullets, The second time it was the wall-avoiding/kissing movement as seen in DT and just now the adjusting/moving of spikes was number three. I know I can claim anything I want and not even having released a bot makes my claims suspicious, but this is getting too much! Put away those mind-reading devices, or I'll be forced to start wearing tin-foiled hats ... -- FnH

Though ideas about moving spikes around has been published on the wiki and elsewhere for quite a while now. And the transition from VirtualBullets to Waves is only needed if you ever started out with virtual bullets. I for one created waves a while before I even heard of virtual bullets. Only a few days ago I suddenly realized that I had been working with waves. =) Still, they are much the same thing, conceptually. So I think the terms can be used almost interchangably and you would only be specific about which term when you talk about "pure" virtual bullets. But I see no advantage of using those over waves. -- PEZ

I guess I did sound a bit self-centered, and off course I'm not the only one with these ideas or used them before they got published, but still .. it's frustrating at times ... I'll stop whining now and continue coding :) -- FnH

Nah, I didn't mean you sounded self-centered. I was just pointing out that for some of these concepts the window-of-secrecy/invention closed a while ago. So you needn't feel as frustrated. The frustration I can fully understand and I feel it often. Though right now I'm more stressed than frustrated. Stressed by Paul mostly who managed to improve his movement like that from a position wher I doubted it could be improved. -- PEZ

No need to feel stressed ... being shown (again) that there's always an even better way to do stuff, let's double our efforts and finally dethrone the tyrant! :) -- FnH

Hmm ... the results of a 5000-round battle between Sedan and SandboxDT just rolled in ... it might be that we'll need to dethrone another tyrant now ... I'll dig up that confidence-interval stuff now and see how certain I am of this ... -- FnH

Should be plenty certain. With mine and Iiley's tests, we have yet to see DT 2.01 win a long battle with Sedan. On the other hand, we also have yet to see DT 1.91 lose a long battle to Sedan. -- Kawigi

[ Rest of the discussion is @ Sedan ]

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