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With the potent firing algorithm from FloodMini and the outstanding movement of Cigaret, a MiniBot that looks more like a MegaBot champion than a MiniBot rises - in the form of a four-door car.

What's special about it?

Well, it was made one day when Kawigi was talking to Iiley over MSN IM about the pre-release (and yet unnamed) version of BlestPain. I toyed with sticking FloodMini's gun into Cigaret in place of the Wave pattern-matching, and found that it was never far behind SandboxDT 1.91 in score. What's really special about it is how it fights against SandboxDT 2.01.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?


How competitive is it?

It's relatively untested, actually. But from the tests I've done, it seems to be able to beat just about any bot given about 300-500 rounds. This is what you've all been waiting for, though. No saved data on either side:

1st: wiki.mini.Sedan	83189	22700	4540	49918	6031	0	0	455	546	0
2nd: pe.SandboxDT 2.01	73419	27300	5460	36036	4622	0	0	547	454	0
And with the saved data from the previous round:
1st: wiki.mini.Sedan	81893	22750	4550	48510	6081	1	0	456	545	0
2nd: pe.SandboxDT 2.01	73709	27250	5450	36357	4648	3	0	545	455	0

How does it move?

It uses Cigaret 1.31's superb movement. Basically it randomly picks a point to go to when it's fired at and goes there, and once it's there, it waits for its opponent to fire again. It's not much more complex than that.

How does it fire?

It uses constantly-compiled stats (sacrificing accuracy against some bots for learning speed) segmented on distance of projected movement to the wall, acceleration, LateralVelocity, and projected bullet travel time. This is the same gun as is used by FloodMini 1.4.

How does it dodge bullets?

Moves randomly when it's fired at.

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

Non-existance vs. proficiency.

How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee?


What does it save between rounds and matches?

Saves its stat buffer between rounds and matches, saves arbitrary variables between battles.

Where did you get the name?

When Iiley was telling me about this new MegaBot he was building, and sending me scores against SandboxDT, the dev version didn't have a finalized name yet, and it was called "Van". The day I proposed to Iiley that we really release this bot, he had just figured out what "Van" means in English (in his words, "a big car"). Since BlestPain and this bot (which was named "CigarQwhgads?" at the time) were similar bots conceptually, I suggested naming it after a smaller car, possibly "coupe" (which is usually a small, 2-door, sporty car), or "Sedan" (its eventual name). Iiley knew "Sedan" as a town in France, I explained to him that a Sedan is a medium-sized car, usually with 4 doors. He seemed to find the prospect of a robot named after a "car with 4 doors" after he accidentally named his dev robot after "a big car" extremely hilarious. So we settled on that.

Can I use your code?

If I said no, would it be hypocritical? In all fairness, this is already Iiley's code with Kawigi's code copied and pasted into it, so you might as well use Cigaret's and FloodMini's code. But do ask permission if you use a large amount of either of our code, and give credit where credit is due. And read the KPL?.

What's next for your robot?

Maybe update it when either of its inspiring robots gets updated? Win every MiniBot contest that will ever exist from now on (is that too optimistic?)?

Does it have any WhiteWhales?

Maybe the old SandboxDT.

What other robot(s) is it based on?

Cigaret 1.31 and FloodMini 1.4

Comments, questions, feedback:

After having gathered data from around 3000 battles, this is the result of a 5000-battle run:

1st: wiki.mini.Sedan 1.0	403410	107550	21510	245239	29108	2	0	2157	2849	0
2nd: pe.SandboxDT 2.01		381378	142450	28490	185743	24689	6	0	2855	2151	0

Using the formula from IsTheBotBetterOrWorse, we get ((w-l)/r)/(120/sqrt(r))=2.59 ... This means we're more than 95% sure Sedan is a better bot than SandboxDT! The king is dead, long live the king.

Congrats to Kawigi and Iiley.

We're really in need of EternalRumble or RoboRumble@Home to put this in a prespective ...

-- FnH

We'll see what Iiley does with this, too, he's got the ball now, and he may even be able to improve the movement. Keep in mind, also that this is a MiniBot. With space to spare (1451 bytes currently). Tobe proposed the MiniBotChallenge with the question, "How good can you make your robot if it is restricted in terms of code-size?" Mine and Iiley's answer to that is "pretty friggin' good". DT is around 24000-25000 bytes.

What's more significant about these results is that they show that whatever Paul Evans did with his movement doesn't work well enough, because it assumes too much about his opponent's targeting system. Not that it's a bad idea, of course, just that his old movement was better. -- Kawigi

We're a few 2000-round tests later, and I can say with more than 95% certainty: Sedan beats SandboxDT 2.01, SandboxDT 2.01 beats SandboxDT 1.91, and SandboxDT 1.91 beats Sedan ... looks like rock, paper, siscors to me :). Untill we get EternalRumble back or finish RoboRumble@Home, we in Robocode-land will be ruled by a triumvirate instead of a king I guess ... -- FnH

...And BlestPain beat DT 1.91 and lost to DT 2.01. I'm not sure, but I think Iiley said Sedan loses to BlestPain, but he speculated that given his latest movement tweak, Sedan might still have the edge. -- Kawigi

I tweaked the movement of Sedan yesterday with the experience of BlestPain,but it did worse,I think this is why BlestPain beat SandboxDT 1.91 but lost to SandboxDT 2.01,if i return BlestPain's movement to preversion,it maybe can beat SandboxDT 2.01,but then lost to SandboxDT 1.91,this seems like another rock.~;],however i will not give it up,i will try more,when i figured it out,next version of Sedan will born.btw,Sedan has many codesize space to improve,i squeezed it yesterday to about 13XX. -- iiley

Using some tricks from FhqwhgadsMicro, I may be able to save us another 30-50 bytes on top of that. -- Kawigi

5k rounds:

1st: pe.SandboxDT 2.11		422655	168700	33740	191442	28773	0	0	3385	1625	0
2nd: wiki.mini.Sedan 1.0	335436	81250	16250	216181	21754	0	0	1633	3374	0
-- Kuuran

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