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In my quest for (reclaiming) the micro rumble throne, I one day, on a whim, stepped over into the world of GuessFactor targeting. (Well, close to it anyway). Though I had already created GFNano, that was more of a CodeSize challenge than a quest for RoboCode greatness. GFMicro matched the performance WeeklongObsession in its first version, so I decided to keep pressing the point. It morphed into a GF/NN gun, following in the footsteps of Chase-san/Prototype. Now it uses DynamicClustering, something I always thought I would get around to playing with at some point.

But enough of the saga. This page is about hard numbers. Here's what I've done.

Following the example of Voidious/SegmentationResearch, I wrote some simple logging code to save data to file. It saves all the relevant information about a scan, and the firing angle that would have hit the bot from that scan (given a fixed firepower function). Then came code to read in the log & simulate the firing angle my DC code would choose for each scan. Voila, a nice, repeatable, fast playground for my research.

I've currently chosen 7 "segments" that I can fit in a micro:

So now my only remaining questions are, what weights do I assign to each "segment", and what depth should I use for the RollingAverage?

As a proof-of-concept, I recorded one TargetingChallenge battle against SandboxDT, and I'm running a sort of GeneticAlgorithm to tweak the weights. If it works well, it'll be off to the rumble to do some data collection!


You beat me to it! I was thinking of using DC for Mini though, Micro is a bit ambitious, don't you think? =) -- Skilgannon

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