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A new bot I am creating. It goes back to basics on targeting, as CircularTargeting actually hits WaveSurfing pretty good. I think I will still use Python's movement. It may use ChaseBullets as soon as i can get them implemented without Galanoth always firing .1 power bullets and never his normal 3s. Completion: 85.2%

I have successfully implemented ChaseBullets - if you need some code, I'd be happy to post some... of course, you'll probably get it working on your own. -- Greywhind

CircularTargeting is not a bad choice, but I wouldn't implement it just because you think it hits WaveSurfers. If you check out the MovementChallenge2K6, you'll see that good WaveSurfers score very well against CircularTargeting; a 95% vs WaveSurfingChallengeBotC means about 1 hit per 3 battles, which is a less than 1% hit percentage for CT against a good surfer.

While I probably didn't follow it well enough myself, I think jim's mantra (about the top bots) is a good one: "first beat everyone else as bad as they do, and then beat them." Anyway, best of luck with your new tank!

-- Voidious

Galanoth and Python on a team beats a few good(not Top10 but good) bots I know of, but I'm not entering them in a teams competition, I'm entering them both in an individual one. Just thought I would throw that one out there. Not to brag, because they were both made by an ELEVEN YEAR OLD, and are good for the age of the person that made them, but not good compared to many other bots. -- Xero

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