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Greywhind has completed about 5 different bots, each improving on the last. He dreams of breaking the top 100 in 1v1 RoboRumble@Home (which he did with StrengthBee?, but that's cheating because it's not his gun). Unlike many Robocoders, he doesn't care about code size at the moment. He's more interested in finding new methods and actually making a competitive robot. So far, he has used LaserTargeting, GuessFactorTargeting, and VirtualGuns. For movement, he likes WaveSurfing the best.

My Robots:

Also, a small group of Haikus that aren't online at the moment.

Any suggestions, comments, feedback?

Just uploaded a new StrengthBee?, v. 0.6.1, with no code changes since about April '06, just to see what my ranking would be from those compared to my previous version. I'm not promising any coming back to Robocode, but I'm considering it... I'm still busy enough to wonder if I'd be smarter to just wait... Anyone actually remember me? Heh. -- Greywhind

Of course we remember you, dude :-P ... Welcome back (er, maybe). -- Voidious

Well, that was fast. Thanks - makes me feel good. Anything major happen in the last... almost a year now? (although I see you're still the king, so not much, I suppose... also, I guess I followed the news for a few months after stopping most of my coding...) -- Greywhind

Hmmm, well, me being at #1 is of course all that really matters. =) Just kidding. Some things have happened: a few more people in The2000Club, WaveSerpent and Chalk invading the top 10, Simonton has just taken the MiniBot throne with WeeksOnEnd, Kev and Simonton vying for MicroBot and NanoBot thrones, David and I cracked into The2100Club, Kawigi is around again (and ruling the TwinDuel), Paul Evans made a couple posts hinting at returning (!!!). I'm sure I'm missing plenty of stuff, but that's off the top of my head. On a personal note, I completely rewrote Dookious, much cleaner code and the gun executes about twice as fast. How's life been in the non-Robocode world? -- Voidious

That must have been quite the rewrite. Life has been good, as usual, but busy, as always. I've been working on my own (open-source) game, a top-down networked shooter (no AI involved, at this time). That's my main project. I decided to check where I was with StrengthBee? after getting a few other people interested in Robocode. One or two might show up on this wiki eventually. I noticed the 2100 club - that's quite a feat. Simonton looks to be pretty close in Mini, too... good thing I've never taken much interest in small codesize bots. I'd have a lot of catching up to do. -- Greywhind

Voidious forgot to mention i'm here, the semi-free spirit that can bearly make a bot work let along debug it. ;D --Chase-san

Well, you must be doing something right - your bot's at 26, whereas my best bot has only reached 39 (so far... the new version should go higher) with the help of CassiusClay's gun. -- Greywhind

Thats only cause it can ace RaikoMX. Its movement is kinda broken, a bot even gets over a -50 problem bot index. Its gun is okay though. --Chase-san

Yes, it may be hard to believe, but I'm still alive. And I'm about to upload a new Strength (yes, the original, not with the Bee gun) just to see how far Strength's movement changes have taken it so far. --Greywhind

Hey, it's nice to see someone I've seen some history of on the wiki being back. By the way, thanks for creating TwintelligenceTeam, it was part of what inspired my currently successful LunarTwins team ;) -- Rednaxela

Thanks for the comment - I didn't expect anyone to be inspired by TwintelligenceTeam, since they were rather unsuccessful. What's new in Robocode? I see that DrussGT may have temporarily dethroned Dookious. --Greywhind

Well though TwintelligenceTeam was rather unsuccessful, it was part of what led me to my thinking of how to create a strong 2v2 team that didn't need advanced targeting or dodging bullets, which I was successful at considering how LunarTwins obliterated the competition in it's first TwinDuel event. Indeed DrussGT seems to have, and by a score margin larger than I expected any time soon. I wasn't around in the Robocode community when you were last active I think so I don't have the best perspective on what's new in Robocode, but some new things are: Talk of robots in non-java languages in future robocode versions, improved cpu constant precision and fancier benchmarking, and the surfing I've been working on has nearly broken the 2050 score mark using Raiko's gun which isn't too bad I think. I'm sure others would have a better perspective on news though :) -- Rednaxela

The "new" thing in Robocode, IMO, is the appearance of KD-Trees to make DynamicClustering just (or almost) as fast as VCS guns. Other than that, small tweaks to WaveSurfing algorithms (like my revival of Goto Surfing in DrussGT, Simonton was also working on something), RoboResearch (a command-line tool designed to replace RoboLeague for running challenges and the like), and a lot of rating drift at the top of the rumble =) -- Skilgannon

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