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TwintelligenceTeam is a set of two robots that work together in the TwinDuel competition. They were created by Greywhind.

Version History

v. 1.0:

Questions, Comments?

Well, that went well :-P. Oh well - they were just a proof of concept. (version 1.0) After all, I made them in one day after a hiatus of a few months from Robocode, and threw all the normal tactics out the window. I couldn't really expect much. Gratz to Gruwel, though. -- Greywhind

I was kind of in the same boat. I only started robocoding again about 2 weeks ago (after a year or so absence). I was surprised you used HeadOnTargeting. I used a pattern-matching algorithm based off of NanoLauLectrik. Most of my bot consists of the battletracking stuff and interbot communication. -- Krillr

Well, my movement and robot tracking took up too much space to add a good gun - of course, I probably could have honed it down a lot with some time... But I figured that at close ranges like I was going for, HOT would be just as good as anything else... -- Greywhind

HOT works pretty well in melee/team. For example, look at HawkOnFire's ranking in melee: not top, but pretty good. If there is a code limit, i think it's best to focus on the movement as you have done. --Loki

I think HOT works pretty well in melee on long range, not on short range. In melee most bots tend to stay roughly at the same place (corners), except when coming close. Then they try to flee, leaving great opportunities for linear/circular targeting. I believe that any form of linear/circular targeting will perform better in this TwinDuel situation, as distances are shorter and the participants are not as allergic for short ranges as pure meleebots. It looks like the TwinDuel setup has more affinity to OneOnOne than to Melee till now. Lets see how it will develop when more specific TwinDuel strategies are entered. -- GrubbmGait

Sorry that this is OT for this page, but... It's funny that you'd say it has more affinity to 1v1. As someone who has done almost solely 1v1, the TwinDuel feels more like melee than 1v1 to me. =) There's just a level of precision in everything about a 1v1 that you really can't match in anything else, IMO. However, TwinDuel is definitely different from melee and 5v5 teams, that's for sure. I really like it! -- Voidious

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