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Constitution is currently in development. When it is finished, this will be replaced.

Version History:





To Do:

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Known Bugs:

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Version Rating Rank Percentage Date
0.5 1595 205/400 49% 12/21/05
0.5.1 1605 198/404 51% 12/30/05
0.7 1600 206/404 49% 1/9/06
0.7.1 1608 197/407 52% 1/11/06

Comments, questions?

Nearly all of my timeout bugs have been infinite loops in my targeting system where I'll assume that something has to happen eventually that never does. As a precaution I have a maximum time-to-target beyond which I don't bother taking a shot, which also ends my loops, but sometimes I get foolhardy and don't use it. Hence the infinite loops. -- Martin Alan Pedersen

Thanks - I'll look at that and see what I can do. It only seems to happen about once in 30 rounds, so it's not a big issue, but it's annoying nonethelesss. Also, I think I've only seen the timeout occur when robocode is minimized. -- Greywhind

Added some more to-dos. I think it's time to enter Constitution into the RoboRumble@Home competition now, since his targeting is already better than my other robots. This way, I'll have something to compare future versions to. -- Greywhind

I'm happy to see the 40-point jump in rating from Wisdom, my previous best robot, and I hope that the addition of the Musashi trick will give Constitution another boost in the rankings as soon as I put in the new version. -- Greywhind

Although Constitution went up 14 points, I think you still have some problems with the MusashiTrick. My HOT-bot GrubbmOgre for example, still wins. I looked at a battle between those two, and I noticed the following three things, although only the first (and maybe the second) is Musashi-related.

  1. Sometimes you turn 180 degrees at full speed at start. When hit in this movement, Musashi is disabled. You do it correctly with your 'normal' movement, turn before you start moving, so do it also with MusashiTrick. Ofcourse you could also use something like BackAsFront.
  2. When in a corner, you do not steer out, but keep oscillating there. It seems better to use something like WallSmoothing to get out of there and start orbitting again.
  3. You fire until you are disabled. Using some EnergyManagement can keep you alive until the other disables itself.
Each of these tips could give you a little push in rating, but do not expect to enter the top-100 immediately ;-D -- GrubbmGait

I appreciate the tips, Grubbm, although I hadn't noticed the disabled Musashi trick because of the turning, I had seen all of the above. I'll look into fixing them. -- Greywhind

I've made changes based on your suggestions, Grubbm. -- Greywhind

Apparently, WallSmoothing is not likely to help my bot. Also, dynamic distancing has mixed results, and random velocity does more harm than good. The one thing that I have found useful so far is trying to avoid full-lead targeting by switching directions if I haven't switched since the bullet I'm dodging was fired. Anyone care to comment on the usefulness of the above?

Also, I found that my attempts at energy management did little (although not firing when it will disable you is definitely a good idea).

Another possible change I've thought about but have not implemented yet is head-on avoidance (since my movement has a head-on spike). That would mean finding the probable head-on targeting angle of each bullet and avoiding the area where it would hit. Any comments? -- Greywhind

Now releasing Constitution v. 0.7! Wish it luck with its new GF targeting. -- Greywhind

Constitution v.0.7 was using low power bullets even against ram bots, which is a bad idea, since they kill you unless you fire 3.0. Now it's fixed... hopefully that will put it above v.0.5.1's rating. -- Greywhind

I think its not easy to desing a dynamic distancing bot, i failed. But i think there is no need to do dynamic distancing, its better to adjust your gun and movement to one distance. Something about 350 seems to be a good distance for your bot. --Krabb

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