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In no way related to GNU Image Maniplation Program

I broke my arm and tore my ACL...that's high school football for ya

During my Computer Science class someone introduced me to robocode so that's pretty much what some other guys and I do in our spare class time now...and whenevre I find time to do it elsewhere...we'll see how it goes

GimpBot is my rookie effort

Welcome to the wiki! It's great that you're writing code to coordinate team members in your first bot... this is an area that hasn't been explored very much, and quite an impressive undertaking for someone who's new to robocode. Good luck! --David Alves

Gracias for the welcome...Right now I'm playing with broadcastMessage to get them all aiming at one bot...we'll see how that goes and then I'll hopefully be able to get something better going for them --gimp

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