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As I am suffering through exams (each worth to me a $1000), I haven't done anything for a while. Oh well, lets see if I can get something good going by June.

General Problems

--> I believe there are some undocumented functions, like those present in the robocode.utils so I have to find out what these functions are and what exactly they do. Any ideas, anyone?

So far the only useful ones we've really found (for robots anyways) are in robocode.util.Utils : normalRelativeAngle and normalAbsoluteAngle?. Finding these can be a pain, partly because we don't have documentation or source on them, and partially because it's like seeking out a needle in a hay stack - there aren't many of them.

On a side note, I have most of a FloodGrapher plugin that I'm working on that can look into the classes in robocode.jar and tell you what they are, what methods are in there (with parameter and return types), what fields are available, and so on, so if you feel like searching, it might get easier soon. -- Kawigi

--> I can only imagine its a pain. I only found out about these functions as I browsed other people's code, and found them using all these undocumented functions. Hmmm.... Well, time will reveal what it will... Golddragongt

All these? I think it's only one or two. -- PEZ

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