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By Jim and PEZ

Starting small. Before Griffin comes Griffon.

It's a straight blend of Jekyl 0.55 movement and VertiLeach targeting.

This makes for a very competetive bot. Currently (October 7 2003) #2 in both the roborumble and minirumble categories of the RoboRumble@Home:

Download it at: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1774

Does it have any WhiteWhale?

Griffon will take every measure we can think up to be able to beat PrairieWolf! It's almost a deja-vu for me (PEZ).

Questions / Comments anyone?

Griffon comes packaged with a bunch of data files - how many rounds did Griffon fight each opponent to create these files before packaging? -- Paul Evans

A bunch, yes. It's all opponents in the RR@Home at the time of packaging. Seven 35-rounds battles worth of data against each opponent. -- PEZ

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