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An idea from Chase-san...see MeleeStrategy page for more information

Interesting thought for a bot, that's funny. I can't help but comment that I don't think you can't make a bot that brings down "all other bots" - some you will bring their rating down, others you will bring it up, that's just how it is. -- Voidious

Hah, yah I remember that I ran a few melee battles with a prototype of it, it was basically just a expended 1 on 1 bot. Once it singled out Tron 2 in one of my tests and its score dropped significantly. However I made it go after the first bot that shot it, instead of the first bot that it detected. --Chase-san

So kinda like a Tracker-style type of thing? --Starrynte

I just kept a copy of the enemy my bot's name it has a grudge against. Then it scans till it finds if (otherwise it reverted to simple movement), and it shot and kept its radar on it (not the smartest move). --Chase-san

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