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I expect this ones been done before... i could cheat and put the fire() in the turnRight(), and then i would have a line for a onHitRobot? to make it ram multiple times... -- Tango

package tango.haiku;
import robocode.*;

public class HaikuRamFire extends AdvancedRobot
	String TargetName;
	public void run() {

	public void onScannedRobot(ScannedRobotEvent e) {


The way I would probably do it is in run, do turnRight(Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY); and in onScannedRobot, do setAhead(e.getDistance()), do my firing, and then turnLeft(getTurnRemaining?()) ;-) The other HaikuRamFire (yes, someone has made one), does some kind of setTurnRightRadians?(e.getBearing()), that way he always goes a little past his opponent. -- Kawigi

Yes, i saw the other one. He's mixing degrees and radians and trying to claim it's a feature, but i don't really get it... :-/ -- Tango

Since degrees are larger than radians, he's over-correcting, to make sure he always sees the opponent again (even if they went the other direction). The way I described is just another way to do the same thing. -- Kawigi

wouldn't POSITIVE_INFINITY, or just e.getBearing()+20, be much easier? -- Tango

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