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I can't belive no-one has done this before: A team of HaikuBots! (if someone has done it, and i haven't heard of it, then let me know)

I have made one, HaikuTangoTeam? which can be downloaded here: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1716

I suggest this divison is added to the new RobocodeLittleLeague. -- Tango

I don't know if there is a nano team somewhere. the only micro-team I know is TroodonPack. It might be fun to concentrate on nano-teams but teams in general is a subject where much more could be done. -- rozu

Rod Hyde (writer of Gem) wrote an all-nano team once. -- Kawigi

There is a bit difference between nano and haiku. -- Tango

There is. I was responding to rozu. -- Kawigi

If you add haiku teams, why not add sonnet teams? If you add sonnet teams, surely nano teams should get a chance to compete, too! etc. I for one would love to see a regularly held minibot team competition, but I think if you do one you should do them all, and that's a lot to ask. --David Alves

By the way, on the subject of Miniteams, Rod wasn't the only one that wrote one. Read the thread here: http://www.robocoderepository.com/jive/thread.jsp?forum=31&thread=932 --David Alves

I wrote a nano team called GruntTeam?, but since there is no nano team competition I've never really done anything with it, I wanted to expand it into a larger team, but the framework isn't really suitable for it. Maybe we could have a generic mini format where you're allowed a leader type and any number of follower types, where the two categories are micro leader and nano followers, then mini leader and micro followers. That would reduce the total load by a division, while adding some ideas about centralization to the league. -- Kuuran

If you read the thread I linked to before, you'll find that about 90% is devoted to arguing about how to measure codesize for a team. We finally decided that the best method would be to just go by the total codesize of the jar. If you start setting limits on a per-teammember basis, you run into a lot of problems. For example, your mini leader could have static functions that your micro team members call. Worse yet, the micro team members could extend your mini leader, giving each of them an effective codesize of 2250! I think the simplest method is simply to set limits on a per-jar basis. --David Alves

I think someone needs to run a dedicated team league with all the divisions possible (including mega). I would agree with codesize being total for the team. More complicated though is how you count lines in a haikuteam. you could have 4 lines per bot, or 20 lines per team, or something more complicated. -- Tango

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