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From the /KingsOfRR page:

DT didn't appear until long after the launch of Robocode. Tron (yes it's that old), Predator (et.Predator), Shadow (also that old), PrairieWolf, Fermat, JollyNinja, and others had held king status in either melee or 1v1 before DT. I'm not 100% about that list of names, it's all a bit fuzzy. Predator (et.Predator) was melee king for a time for sure, ditto for Tron. I think I recall a time when Shadow was 1v1 king, I'm pretty sure JollyNinja was for some time, and Fermat was super-dominant right up until the author went inactive and SandboxDT took over. Someone will have to fill in the specifics, certainly there are many wiki posters/lurkers who can. -- Kuuran

There at least one that must be mentioned: Rapture was king in the early days of robocode. --Vic

Like an idiot I forgot Rapture. That was a bit before my time, but it's not as if I haven't heard the name before. Thanks. Any corrections to the rest of that list would be appreciated. -- Kuuran

Wolverine was 1v1 king for a long time. RayBot and TheArtOfWar followed. Of course, RaikoMX is king today. -- Alcatraz

It's incdeadibly hard to think of a time when a bot like Rapture was the best there was! =) -- PEZ

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