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"Our history is our anchor and our compass" - Pavel Nedved

The King of RoboRumble@Home:

Skilgannon, author of DrussGT

Past Kings of General 1v1

All the people that had the great pleasure to stay at the top in the 1v1 general rankings.

From Scoring To Scoring The King(s) King´s Bot King´s Flag
2003-09-28 1847.56 2004-01-21 1917.10 Paul Evans SandboxDT
2004-01-21 1950.70 2004-02-11 1971.16 ABC Shadow
2004-02-11 1991.63 2004-02-25 1989.20 Paul Evans SandboxDT
2004-02-25 1992.50 2004-03-10 1994.33 ABC Shadow
2004-03-10 2014.17 2004-07-21 2059.43 Jamougha RaikoMX
2004-07-21 2065.19 2004-09-23 2063.95 ABC Shadow
2004-09-23 2074.03 2004-09-25 2073.98 PEZ & Axe SilverFist
2004-09-25 2080.95 2004-09-29 2078.13 PEZ & Axe & Vic SilverFistWT
2004-09-29 2070.38 2004-10-18 2065.91 PEZ CassiusClay
2004-10-18 2070.03 2004-11-12 2067.07 Mue Ascendant
2004-11-12 2072.03 2004-11-20 2077.98 ABC Shadow
2004-11-20 2085.77 2006-04-18 2076.00 Mue Ascendant
2006-04-18 2082.03 2008-04-03 2146.?? Voidious Dookious
2008-04-03 2151.?? Skilgannon DrussGT

See also /Kings, /KingsOfER
Comments and Chat:

I am putting that table above because I think that is important to maintain a register of (maybe liking to see my name up there influenced a little :) ).
The problem is that i am not sure if there was anyone before Paul...
Also the dates have to be filled in...
Please help to fill-in and correct that table! -- Axe

There was noone before Paul in the RoboRumble@Home. Even a year before the RR was launched Paul was king. For very long I thought that maybe DT was invincible. Then ABC invented WaveSurfing. -- PEZ

Well, investigating the saved rankings, i gathered this info. Since it´s saved only 1 per week, before SF it have +-6 days of precision... -- Axe

Btw: based in that info, RoboRumble is about to complete 1 year... Seems like eons ago! -- Axe

Since Vic entered as a co-author of SilverFist, i named this variant as SilverFistWT and included as a member of the "Triunviratum". Long live Vic! -- Axe

I am honoured, since my contribution to SilverFistWT is only a small one. My first deed as king shall be: to banish all hunger and disease from the RoboRumble robots population! --Vic

Welcome to the hall King Vic! -- PEZ

SilverFistWT got pulled as PEZ and Axe agreed it would, but it would still be the top bot if it was there... Is PEZ king now or does he have to beat SilverFistWT's old rating (2080.95) first? Either way, congrats on a very strong bot --David Alves

When a King steps down from the throne volontarily the succession is made immediately of course. =) -- PEZ

That was the agreement... No need to proof that bot_2 + other_bot = bot_1... Congrats, PEZ! -- Axe

Actually what it proves is that bot_1 + other_bot = bot_1. ... Thanks Axe! You'll let me have the throne a while, won't you? =) -- PEZ

I won't, not if I can help it. ;-) --David Alves

Congratulations Mue! --David Alves

Cool done, Congratulations Mue! --iiley

Yes, very well done. But I don't think I'm dethroned just yet. I shouldn't have to leave my best version in place when I try a new one, should I? -- PEZ

It´s dangerous to a King to leave his seat even to sleep in these days of revolution, aint? :) -- Axe

Indeed. But now I'll never sleep again. =) And I'll keep leaving my best CC in the game while testing new ones until this issue is decided upon. It'll look silly in the rankings though... -- PEZ

I think kings in the past (Paul, ABC and Jam) have all done their testing offline. I don't think entering 2 bots is ok. But I don't really have a good answer... Maybe in the new RR@H server I can allow "test bots" to be uploaded which wouldn't compete for the crown and wouldn't affect other bots ratings? --David Alves

I think that it should be allowed only to the king to have two versions listed in ranking. Simple and easy... -- Axe

I don't like giving the king special priveleges... How about you have to be #1 for a full day to get crowned? Then the king has 24 hours to pull his test bot and replace it with the previous one if the test bot doesn't work out. --David Alves

I agree that special privileges for the king would be wrong. I'm suggesting we use common sense. It's known that I publish new versions of my bots very often, testing only one small change at a time. (Only a bit slower in the release pace the past days because I've been working with the wiki and rr@h servers.) CC .05 rates around 2072. So crowning Mue just because I tested a small thing is strange. I for one wouldn't want to be crowned if I just happened to stand #1 when Mue or Axe or ABC or whoever is king at the moment release a test bot that rates a little lower than their best version.

Having to wait a full day to be crowned would be painful. I would propose that if a contender steps forward that can fight for the crown (like get a rating of 2071+ at the moment) then whoever notices that replaces the king's bot with the best known version to get the question settled.

In this particular case it would have been unecessary because CC .05 and Ascendant 0.9.1 were both on the Ranking table before I released my test bot.

-- PEZ

Sorry, I thought 2071 was before the big crash... I thought Ascendant was scoring higher than CC had ever scored in the post-crash ratings. You're right, in that case it doesn't make much sense to crown Ascendant. I took Ascendant off the list. Maybe if I spent more time looking at the bot ratings instead of looking at how many battles each person has submitted... ;-) --David Alves

All hail king Mue! --David Alves

It seems like the latest version(s) of CC ties Ascendant. This is a snapshot from now:

How about we have two kings while CC, Ascendant or some other bots improves the current high mark?

-- PEZ

Sure, that or use the PL score. --Pulsar

Don't you think that having "two kings for this kingdom" is the same as having "two captains on a boat"? A community can't be ruled by two kings. "The people" will stand either behind the one or the other, and this community will go under in a civil war. I foresee DOOM.
No, i think this is a time without kings. These are ages in chaos, a community in turmoil. Order will only reappear with the rise of a true new king... --Loki

Yeah. Maybe Axe will restore order for us soon. =) -- PEZ

As usual, PEZ have more faith in me then myself... But now talking seriously, i think that the King should be one bot. My opinion is that Ascendant have to be clearly defeated to lose the crown... It's currently a draw between CC & A, but A haven't (yet) be defeated... -- Axe

I think a King that can't clearly defend its throne is in question. The situation is more like chaos than order. -- PEZ

In boxing, for example, a champion only loses his belt if he is defeated. In case of a draw, the defender stays with the belt... -- Axe

But in Monarchies? You're a layman historian, you know the answer. =) -- PEZ

Let the community vote... This is a issue that concerns to all robocoders. Raise a voting... -- Axe

there are now three heirs to the throne. The chaos is complete! --Loki

Well, the Roman empire lasted quite a while even though it now and then was a Triumvirate. Of course, you have to watch your back even better if you're a member. =) -- PEZ

2071! If it hold a bit longer I may soon be claiming a 4th entry in that table afterall... ;) -- ABC

Yay! It looks very promising indeed. -- PEZ

2071 with 938 battles. I kneel and promise to be faithful to my new King - ABC of Portugal! -- PEZ

Thanks! And undefeated PL King too (with some very close calls), it's always a thrill. :) -- ABC

I'm suing our new king for abuse, he beat the living crap out of Phoenix. :-( --David Alves

Sorry. Such are the privileges of a King. You must be confusing it with a President. =) I'm happy with the 49.9 score against Shadow being CassiusClay's lowest score. -- PEZ

Added Voidious, Congratulations!! --Krabb

Thanks, Krabb. And congratulations to Mue for having, by a wide margin, the longest continuous reign as King in the history of the RoboRumble! I'm sure he'll hold the throne again one day if he really wants to... -- Voidious

I think its fairly decided now, and I put the first version that scored more than 3 points over Dookious as the 'turning' point, 1.0.17NVBW. Maybe this will prompt Voidious to do some more coding? =) - Skilgannon

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