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pretty funny -- Scoob

Oh, yeah, think you can take me in a tight battle? (is that typical or who wins normally?) -- Kawigi

I think the joke is more that they're almost tied, it is amusing to see. I've seen a perfect tie once, but I didn't think to screenshot it. -- Kuuran

now this is funny mike:

 static final double YOU_DECOMPILED_MY_BOT = 1D;
 static final double IF_YOU_USE_ANY_CODE_OR_IDEAS = 1D;
    static final double PLEASE_CREDIT_ME = 1D;

--andrew ... and i still have no idea what it's doing

soo.. what is the joke? The broken picture link? -- Scoob

If anyone's reading this 18 months later, you can see the image if you just go to the URL directly:

-- Voidious

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