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Integrated Development Environment

Usually thought of as an all in one [development tool] used to write code in. Some people call them a crutch and some people call them a god-send. They usually include lots of bells and whistles designed to make codeing easier. Things like syntax high-lighting, method completion, debuggers, revision control, and just about anything else you can think of.

A partial list of IDE's:

I use Forte. I have been using it for about 3.5 years now in it's various incarnations. The Community Edition is free of charge and available for download from http://wwws.sun.com/software/sundev/jde/buy/index.html. For what it's worth I am not affiliated with Sun in any way. I have also heard great things about Eclipse. I have no personal experience with it but if you are just starting out and looking for a good IDE I would recommend you at least look at it. I would love to have time to explore it but that would cost me development time better spent on Jekyl --jim

Jim, if you like Forte, try NetBeans. It's basically the same thing, only better in every way! :) I use it for just about everything, and I've even developed applications in the OpenAPI?. It's a great platform. -- nano

I downloaded and installed "Sun One Studio" the other day, and there is no going back, it is so much better than what i was using before (JedPlus?). From what i can gather it's the sun replacement for Forte. Hopefully it'll speed up my robot development. Oh, and Pez i've tried using VIM on more than one occasion and i have to say i have no idea how you can bare to use it, it seems to be for the diehards fans only... :) --Brainfade

I guess you might need an introduction to using VIM if you're not like me and have been using "vi" for 15 years. =) -- PEZ

Hmph. I used to use Forte and I liked it, but I could never wrap my head around the whole 'Beans' thing. What's up with these 'Beans'? Anyway, since my computer has recently been downgraded (and Forte was too slow back then!), I haven't bothered installing Forte on here yet, so I'm using the good old Robot Editor for my robot. Hey, it works! And a fine job of that it does. :-) If/when I eventually write an applet to show me my bot's statistical data output, I'll switch back to Forte, because I love all of its IDE building stuff. Anyway, go Forte! -- Vuen

I've used the robot editor, GVim, JPad, and JCreator for my bots. I think I like JPad the most, but its the only one without a freeware version :-\. JCreator is a little more "Project" based, so it has become preferable to the robot editor and Vim for projects like FloodHT or SpareParts. -- Kawigi

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